WFH-Home Office Fixes

Transitioning to work from home is likely not easy for everyone. Whether you are a business owner or forced to stay home by your company, there are likely some needs to be addressed in your house to make the work space efficient and pleasant. The kitchen table can be suitable in the temporary, but let’sContinue reading “WFH-Home Office Fixes”

Bold Colors are Back

Light gray. Beige. Pearl. Neutral, neutral, neutral! This is what every homeowner hears when they decorate their homes or prepare them for selling. Using subdued earth tones has become the standard company line from Realtors as it has been considered the least offensive to potential buyers. Walking into a home and seeing Candy Apple RedContinue reading “Bold Colors are Back”

Shipup with shiplap

Shiplap.  Do you know what it is?  You probably do and just do not realize it.  Shiplap is a style of wooden wall siding characterized by horizontally mounted long planks with a slight gap between each one creating the appearance of what is known as shiplap.  The boards are usually 1 x 6 inches, pre-sanded.Continue reading “Shipup with shiplap”

June Design Ideas

As June begins, so to does the feel of summer.  Well, it actually has felt hot and sticky for a few weeks now.  But let’s not “sweat” that and LOOK at some cool ideas, trends, and home happenings for June. RVA Homearama is here!  And while scrolling through IG or Pinterest is fun, walking throughContinue reading “June Design Ideas”