Stay At Home Improvement: Baseboard Cleaning

By now we know staying at home is not a snow day. Whether you are providing general care for your home or considering an upcoming sale of the property, use this time wisely. There are lots of home improvement activities that we often would let fall to the wayside as they can be meticulous, laborious or boring.

Baseboard video

One task I always seem to avoid is a deep cleaning of the baseboards. It takes time to complete, and I do not like crawling around on the floor. To be honest, I have never received a compliment from a house guest in relation to the cleanliness of my baseboards. With that said, consider what clean, shiney baseboards say about your home, especially to potential buyers.

Buyers notice how the home presents. Consider why people go look at homes that are on the market? The answer is simple, because of the photographs and video in the marketing material. A bright and clean baseboard will add to that listing media. It will also strengthen a buyer’s perspective that the home has been kept clean and maintained well. Both of these will strengthen your position as a homeseller.

Here are few strategies you can use to clean the baseboards:

  1. What you will need to do first, especially if you have pets and kids, is clear way the dry dirt and dust. You can use a Swiffer or one of the attachments on your vacuum. It is important to get this off first so you are not smearing it along the baseboards during the next step.
  2. Using a rag and warm, soapy water wipe the baseboards clean. Keep the water bucket fresh, and wring out your rag often to ensure your cleaning is effective. A great substitute for the soap, and my mother’s go-to, is distilled white vinegar. If your baseboards need a good scrub, replace the rag with a Magic Eraser.

That is it. There are not more steps. This is not a complicated task. Here are some other tips and tricks that may be useful.

  • Make sure everyone is involved. You are not the only one home. Hand the kids a rag, and get them to help.
  • Be sure to pay attention to all the crevices and hard to reach places. Try using a toothbrush or even cotton swabs.
  • Stay on top of the baseboards with your weekly cleaning. This will ensure you will not have to perform a deep wipe down regularly.

Once again, this is not the most exciting task to perform, but this could really add to your sparkling clean home. Which if you decide to list it for sale, this will be another task you can have checked off in the pre-listing preparation.

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