#WFH-Day 10

We are 10 days in, at least in the Butler household, being in work from home mode. And we certainly had the ante raised today when the Governor issued the official stay home order. As he said, it was a recommendation to this point now it is a directive. While it will be challenging, it is the right thing to do. It actually helped Kelsey and I, as we had decided yesterday that we were shutting Charlotte down from leaving the yard. To this point we were letting her play with a neighborhood kid or two, but we just cannot risk it anymore.

Which led us to numerous new activities to help keep them entertained. I built a raised bed for us to plant a small garden. The kids and I have already started the seedlings, and we will hopefully plant soon.

Macon was hunting for dino eggs in the new beds.
Day 10

We spent the weekend at two different parks, which wore the kids slam out. Getting outdoors is going to be one of the few outlets we have for them.

Charlotte has also been very helpful in the kitchen. She has helped me cook the last two dinners. Chicken parm and chicken noodle soup

Kelsey and I also decided to make a purchase for the kids to help with outdoor activities. You will have to tune in later this week to find out.

That was most of the our last few days. Luckily, having Kelsey home these last few days has been super helpful. I was able to take several work calls this morning and plan a few new projects. Hopefully you will see these soon too!

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