WFH-Home Office Fixes

Transitioning to work from home is likely not easy for everyone. Whether you are a business owner or forced to stay home by your company, there are likely some needs to be addressed in your house to make the work space efficient and pleasant. The kitchen table can be suitable in the temporary, but let’s make the most of this with these tips.

Home Office Tips

Right lighting: Optometrists recommend avoiding having direct light in your line of sight. Setup lamps at your desk and rely in natural light in your work space. Especially for those of us staring at screens all day, we need to protect our eyes. One extra tip is to hang a mirror to disperse light around the room.


Natural view: If you have a great view of a landscape, make that the direction you face while you are working. What if you don’t have one? Consider a picture of a landscape.

Be comfortable: Yes, the dining room table is the easy place to plop down and get to work. But it may not be the most comfortable. There is a reason your office spends a little on those soft, wheely chairs. Keep that in mind.

Greenery: Plants elevate mood and thanks photosynthesis, improve air quality. Maybe even toss some fresh flowers in there too, they should be blooming in the next few weeks.

Home Office

Don’t sit all day: The standing desk or floating desk has become widely used across offices. Consider adding this to you work space. You can purchase adjustable stands for your laptop or devices that will help.

Color: Add a few pops of color to brighten the room. Consider painting an accent wall, adding decor, or hanging curtains

Credit to Melissa Dittmann Tracey and Styled, Staged, and Sold for many of these suggestions.

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