#WFH-Day 8

Another successful day of working from home and homeschooling these crazy kids. Mostly because I had help all day and we were able to shift to man-to-man defense, as opposed to zone the whole time. A few thoughts on today that may be helpful.

  1. Let them wear what they want. Everyday, I make the kids get out of their pajamas and into school clothes. Today, Charlotte made her way down in a bathing suit and coverup. My instant reaction was “no!” Then I thought about it a little more (after a scowl from Kelsey and frown from Charlotte) and told her it was fine. Giving her that choice, not only started us off on a positive note but allowed her to trust me that we were going to make today great.
  2. Use the mood they are in. With the beach-vibe taking over, we infused into everything we were doing that morning with our lessons. We made colorful/tropical bookmarks, we had a beach-dance party, and when it came time for math Charlotte had to use her coins to make purchases from this awesome vendor selling popsicles on the beach (it was me).
  3. I am still struggling with what to do with Macon. Primrose has been great sending us ideas, just harder for him to get going with it. I am accepting that as long as we are not sitting in front the TV, we are good. We used the beach theme today to make up a fun story with pictures he and I sketched and then shared them with the rest of the family.
  4. Kelsey and the kids participated in a really cool neighborhood activity, I think it was suggested by the school. They went on a bear hunt. Everyone around the neighborhood, who was interested in participating, put a bear in their window. The kids and parents then took a walk hunting for the bears. Luckily the sun came out and weather was cooperative. If you are in a neighborhood, you should think about it!

That was our day. Helpful when it goes well. Especially as we realized that we should be heading to a cheer competition at Myrtle Beach. But, plans change and we made the most of it. You will too.

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