#WFH-Day 7

We had a great day today. Charlotte was much more cooperative and supportive of our efforts with school work. The way I presented it to her today was simply do it all up front and then the back end of the day was hers. That seemed to sink and we rolled through math, reading, writing, social studies, and she even did some music.

As many of you are feeling, I do feel like it is not quite enough relative to the time spent in school, but I guess when you pare to down to a 1:1 student-teacher ratio, we can be more productive.

Day 7

I think what will be interesting is what comes the next few weeks now that school is closed for the year. We will have to find ways to ensure kids are developing and progressing enough to advance to the next level. This is going to be an interesting challenge to say the least.

My productivity was solid today as well. I was able to touch base with several folks to check on them and let them know I was thinking about them. I am excited for a video happy hour tonight with the boys. And I even added a significant number of games to our 20-21 schedule.

One final note, and I know I have said this but a big thank you to all those in the medical field and other true essential personnel still working business as usual. Kelsey was stopped today, as she is in the medical field as a SLP and thanked by two random people at WaWa. I thought that was really cool, and so did she. It never even dawned on either of us that she is still heading out everyday to do her job without considering or allowing the risks to be to daunting.

Hope everyone had a great day and we will check in tomorrow.

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