#WFH-Day 4

WFH Day 4

We made it through the normal work week. There were tears, yells, and some feeling sorry for ourselves; and that was just me. For the most part I think we were at 75% homeschool efficiency. Again, thank you to Charlotte’s elementary school and Primrose for sending guidance. I would have no idea what to do without those.

School work

Awesome time brining my mid-80’s grandmother to 2020. We actually spent ten minutes this morning video chatting with her this morning on her new tablet. I never thought that we would see the day.

Namaw video chatting!

The beautiful weather today made me think once again about the number of spring activities kids are going to miss. As a high school athletic director, I look at my normally full spring calendar with so many blanks. Kids have worked so hard for their spring seasons and just like that it is gone. Hopefully, temporarily.

We did start to plan our garden out. Felt like a bit of a doomsday prepper as I have some concern about being able to purchase fresh veggies in a few months. It will also be a great spring project for the kids to grow our own food.

Garden notes

We also had a big conference call for my entire brokerage with Keller Williams. Significant shifts occurring that luckily KW was ahead of the curve with embracing technology years ago. As I said earlier to today in a short video, virtual everything is where we are going to be for the immediate future. Luckily platforms are ready with KW.

Things are rapidly changing, but that doesn’t mean it should be “chicken-little” mentality. Make the most of it.

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