COVID-19 Real Estate Changes: Part 1-Video

Times are changing rapidly. COVID-19 is forcing the hands of so many businesses and cultural practices, and it is happening rapidly. We have little choice to adhere to this alterations to our lives, and in many cases they are mere inconveniences. For some though they are life-altering. Over the next few weeks, I am going to try and keep note of some these changes as it relates to real estate and you.

COVID-19 Part 1

One of the first and most important steps we are all taking GLOBALLY is to social distance ourselves. Which in theory sounds easy! But in practice for many of professions, that is pretty damn near impossible. At least if you want to maintain any level of productivity and revenue stream.

Where does that put you if you are trying to buy or sell a home. Or any property for the matter. Across the country we have seen sellers close their doors to potential-buyers and tell their Realtor’s they do not want open houses, all in an effort to mitigate the potential for bringing illness into their home.

And the buyer is not in any different position. It is hard to be entirely comfortable visiting random homes, where you are unsure of the level of sanitation that may exist inside those walls.

Where does that leave us? Well for starters, let’s be positive and know that eventually we will be able to interact with one another again soon. In the meantime, be ready to leverage video and remote shopping.

This will not be easy for many. But if you stop and think about it, how much do we purchase today via an Amazon search. In fact, people are finding their true love by swiping left of right on their mobile devices.

Why not home buying? Using any variety of platforms video showings of homes are going to increase and likely more common. What are you not able to see via Facetime that you would see in person? With today’s technology and streaming capabilities, we engage and interact in a variety of ways.

Now let me say this, I do not mean that you NEVER step foot in the home and purchase sight-unseen. But the traditional way of physically being in homes and viewing properties, at least in the temporary is going to change. And that is okay.

If you are selling, be willing to allow your agent to setup Zooms and Hangouts for potential buyers.

If you are buying be willing to view homes virtually with your agent.

Live video is where we are right now. We actually video chatted with Namaw this morning!

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