#WFH – Day 3

My zone defense improved today for sure. It was more like I let go of the control and OCD feelings of sticking to the schedule. Which we did adhere to, but with more breaks and chunking (I do remember something from my classroom days).

Charlotte, unprompted, wrote letters to her great grandmother and her best buddy. I thought that was very cool, and likely going to be greatly appreciated, especially by Namaw. Depending on where this WFH life goes, this will be a regular practice. In fact I encourage it. It is important that we do not allow our elderly get isolated from the world. As I said we are setting Namaw up with Facetime.

Something that really struck a chord with me today was the power of gratitude or appreciation. I fired off several emails this morning pertaining to a variety of issues. I made sure in each email, I sincerely thanked the person for their time and efforts during these challenging times. It is something we purposefully always remind the children to express when someone helps or give them something. It is important and impactful. So it again, thank you to everyone who helped us today.

Last thought was another shift for real estate. The market is not necessarily going to stop, but how it operates will be interesting. I mentioned last night how sellers may be unwilling to allow buyers into their home. We will see a rapid rise in virtual tours and a variety of video. We received two addenda today from brokerage outlining impacts COVID-19 will and is having on real estate.

This world is going to keep changing quickly. Keep making the most of it. As you can see in the pictures from today, we did our best with our walks and picnic time, and the 1:1 teaching they are getting.

WFH Day 3

Stay healthy and see you tomorrow.

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