#WFH – Day 2

We survived! I would scoff at anyone who raised their eyebrows and asked how I handled a classroom of thirty teenagers. It was cake. Sure there was an occassionally raging hormone challenge, but for the most, easy. This 6 and 3 year old on the other hand… Elementary school and day care providers are saints. Let me say it again, saints!

It was easy getting them out of the house for a little morning activity playing Monster tag and climbing in the tree house. The challenge came when we returned inside.

Morning playtime

Charlotte got right to work with her literacy activities. Macon, eh… not so much. We did get a fun game of shape search in. Charlotte and I put colored shapes around the house, and Macon had to go find them. After a quick work call, we had some lunch and then headed back out for some science time. Charlotte had to find a tree and then draw it. We will observe it the next few weeks and see it how changes. She picked the willow tree Kelsey gave me for our ten year anniversary.

Charlotte sketching the willow tree.

We had some struggles this afternoon as social distancing started to become reality. Charlotte is social butterfly, she wants to be around and engaged with people all the time. Kelsey and I struggle with what to allow her to do. And I think other parents in the neighborhood do to. I think it is going to become more and more challenging. How do you explain all this to a six year old??

We did set the kids up on ABC-Mouse and they already had ABC-YA, so they spent an hour or so working through those. Those platforms are amazing. They are engaging and educational. Should be very helpful.

I did get my workout in. Working through a deload week. Deadlift day.

We will see what tomorrow brings. We just got word that Charlotte’s school is closed for another week. Each day seems to get more and more interesting. There are going to be some really interesting outcomes that no one is considering at this time. Major policy changes and protocol creation to deal responses and scenarios we never have faced before.

Where does the housing market go is a really interesting question. The biggest challenge we were facing was the lack of inventory. This is going to shrink even more as sellers do not want people in their homes to showings and open houses. The virtual market will be even greater.

The buyer is the other interesting player. How much impact will shut down business impact their buying? You would think significantly. Where will this put prices then? If demand began to reduce drastically, you would expect price to reflect. Again, a lot of uncertainty at the moment.

Stay safe, stay healthy, see you tomorrow.

WFH Day 2

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