#WFH-Day 1

Wow. What a few days we have all experienced. I do not think anyone would have expected the rapid changes to our world we have seen. And there are still more to come. I think it is really important to remember a we only know what we know, and to ensure we work hard to be safe, smart, and take care of loved ones. We can find growth opportunities during this time and make the most of it.

I am officially work from home as of today. The kids are officially home from school as of yesterday, and while we all have some dates for when this may end, there is a lot of uncertainty.

Therefore, today I took some time to reflect and plan the next few weeks. I still have a professional goals, personal ambitions, and family responsibilities. As I thought about all these, I thought that it would be valuable to chronicle this. Not to show off, not to overshare, but to reflect each day. Some may think this is too much, some may appreciate it. Honestly, it is mostly for me.

So each day, I am going to write a little about our day and video a little about our day. I will share them at night. Here we go!

  1. In an effort to ensure Namaw (my grandmother) can still stay connected to everyone and avoid putting herself in unnecessarily risky situations, we decided it was time to introduce her to the world wide web! Mom and Pops activated her internet service, and we are working on setting up a device for her. She will soon be Facetiming and Click-listing.
  2. With the kids home for at least two weeks, and probably the foreseeable future we want to ensure we do not lose what they have lost in school and keep moving forward. Thanks to the educators at school we have a full notebook ready to roll, and we mapped out a daily schedule for both kids. Here is the schedule.
  3. Then it was a little me time. I want to ensure I keep growing and working on my professional development. I had an hour chat with a potential new coach, took the Clifton Strengths assessment to develop more, and mapped a few activities for myself. Even made my own daily checklist where I am reading, writing, and exercising every day. Also added some research planning, time to setup my Roth IRA.
  4. I did venture out today. Popped into Home Depot because the kids and I are going start a garden. A little STEM time.
  5. And so you know it is not all roses and butterflies, we had a wrench thrown at us due to the closures. We are refinancing the house. We were scheduled to close yesterday, but with the courts closing, we had to postpone. We are in a holding pattern until the county courts open, hopefully Thursday. Big shout out to my team in this process doing what they can.
  6. Stayed outside and raked up the leaves, might as well take advantage of the weather and time.
  7. Finished the night with a good cardio session from the Beach Body series. Kelsey and I like to get a few of these in a week together. She has been super committed the last two months.

Again, I think it is really important to ensure these days home are not “snow days.” We will have fun, we will appreciate the time but we will keep getting better. Maybe sharing what we are doing each day will help someone else out too.

Stay safe, stay healthy and see you tomorrow.

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