RVA, Restaurants, and Real Estate: Episode 13 – Parney and Kitchen 64

RVA, Restaurants, and Real Estate had a very special RVA guest on this past week when we stopped Kitchen 64. We had the one and only, Parney. Better known as the Todd Parnell the COO of the Richmond Flying Squirrels.

Parney and I chatted about how the Squirrels have been so impacting on RVA and really vice-versa. If you have ever interacted with Parney at a Squirrels game, you know why he is the face of the franchise and his personality is as big and fun as the pants and suits he sports everywhere.

But let us not forget about Kitchen 64. Scott Watts, chef/owner is putting out massive plates of traditional diner style food. We had a club as big as our heads, and the Scott’s Addition french dip/steak and cheese hoagie that was life-changing. Next time you hit up the Diamond, be sure to stop here for your pre- or post-game meal.

Parney and Kitchen 64

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