RVA, Restaurants, and Real Estate: Episode 10 – Fest

RVA, Restaurants, and Real Estate stayed out in Midlothian this past week as we headed to Fest Biergarten. Fest is part of the Capital Ale House group, but this place is certainly breakaway from those RVA classics.

Fest is located down Hull Street, sandwiched between the Woodlake and Magnolia Green Communities. They offer a relaxing place to enjoy classic and local artisan sausages, sandwiches, and salads with beer and wine in a friendly beer garden atmosphere. The patio outside is a great spot for families to enjoy this Spring as they have a plate for everyone, and mom and dad can enjoy a local craft brew.

My guest this week was the one and only Sam Anderson. An entrepreneur who left the “safety” of a traditional career path several years ago and launched several businesses. Enso Media is the one we are most associated with, because that is who films and produces this show. Sam and I chatted about his entrepreneurial life, his major life changes this coming Spring when he and wife Holly move into their new home and welcome their new baby girl.

Sam and Me at Fest

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