RVA, Restaurants, and Real Estate-Updates

Normally on Thursdays, we air this weeks episode of RRR. Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties this week and that episode is not going to air. INSTEAD, we are calling our fans to action and your awesome agent here is adjusting the show to make it all get to close.

We are growing rapidly with the show as our guest list is diversifying and our restaurant coverage is widening. But we know there is so much more in RVA. And we want your help. Is there someone we need to think about having on the show? Maybe it is you? Is there a hidden gem we need to go eat at? Maybe it is your place? We need your help in finding those!

As in real estate and life for that matter, there will be hurdles and obstacles. Typically unrelated to you or your actions. Hopefully on your team, you have trusted advisors and support. As your trusted real estate agent and favorite RVA food host, I am here to get us to the finish. We will always find a way to make it a win for you. Please comment below to let us know where and who we are missing. And if don’t worry, next week we will be eating on camera.

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