Market Snaps

Keller Williams as rolled out an awesome new tool you will be interested in.  This resource is called Neighborhood Snap.  This powerful tool allows you to have excellent insight into your neighborhood housing market.  You are fully aware, that home buyers and sellers who are unprepared and ill-informed, will miss out on great opportunities, and I do not want you to be in that situation.  Knowing the trends in your neighborhood or the neighborhood of your dream home, will better position you to capitalize on your next home deal.  

The Neighborhood Snap offers your superior leverage by pulling the curtain back on the local market.  I can personalize the Snap to include nearly any neighborhood you have interest in buying or selling.  The personalizing of your Snap offers hyper-local statistics and property listings in real-time.  The data is pulled directly from credible resources such as MLS, KWLS, and SmarterAgent.  One of the best parts is that you can keep this link, bookmark and return to it any time and assess how the local market has potentially altered.  

As stated, each Snap is personalized to the neighborhoods you are most interested in.  But there is no way I could link every Snap example into this post, therefore, I have shared my personal neighborhood Snap as to give you an example of what is available to you.


If you like what you see, then head over to the contact section or follow this link here to get started.  There are no obligations or strings attached.  

I hope you enjoy this tool, and that it empowers you in your home decision-making.  Be on the lookout for a greater evolution of this over the next few months.  

Sample Market Snap

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