Why Do You NEED a Realtor

You know have thought about!  Several times! Whether you’re a buyer or seller, “Can I do this myself?”  


“Do I really need a REALTOR®??”


Before you hear the answer, think of these scenarios:


Would you put your own stitches in?  


Would you install your own internet?


Would you butcher your own meat?


Sure, YOU think “yes I could…” but when we step back, we really wouldn’t  You’d see the doctor or the internet tech to get the job done. So, why wouldn’t you do the same with the one of the biggest financial decisions of your life?  Why wouldn’t you go to a trained and LICENSED professional to help you manage a very tricky process?


Here are some reasons for why bringing a qualified Realtor® into the process is valuable.  And let’s keep in mind, ultimately the home-buyer or home seller are still the decision-maker.  Always!

  1. PRICING:  The most important factor in selling a home is the price.  Realtors® know the market. They have access to resources and tools via local and national associations that the average person cannot access easily.  They understand the trends and have a greater ability to project market fluctuations bettering the price of your home or making an offer on one you want to buy.  Oh, and by the way those home-sellers who utilized an agent saw 30-40% higher sales price than a FSBO.

  1. ACCESS:  As we just said, Realtors® have incredible access to resources and networks.  The local MLS, a network of other agents with ready and able buyers or sellers, or an endless amount of market data; Realtors® can bring the necessary access to home buyers and home-sellers to make the transaction as successful as possible.  Their professional networks is also vast. They have a database full of inspectors, appraisers, lenders, lawyers, title agencies, plumbers, and so on. Instead of Googling and reading Yelp reviews, why not go with the opinion of your trusted Realtor.

  2. KNOW-HOW:  A real estate transaction can be overwhelming.  From the financing, to the legalities, the marketing, the mounds of paperwork; it can be A LOT.  Even if it’s not your first buy or sell, it can be overwhelming. A Realtor’s® greatest asset is to make the process smooth and seamless.  That requires a deep understanding of the nuances of buying or selling a home. And let’s be honest, this can be stressful enough as it is, why add more to it?

  1. ADVOCACY:  At the end of the day, your Realtor® is your biggest champion in the home buying and selling process.  They have your back from start to finish. They want you to succeed. Yes, they have fiduciary duties owed to you as their client, and that is important.  BUT, a good Realtor® cares about their client and parlays their skill set into optimizing the transaction for the client. The agent will fight for you in negotiations, they will ensure that the complexities are explained to you with clarity, and provide you with peace of mind as you take on such an emotional and financial venture.  


Here is the last thing to consider:


Why do people think about going the For Sale By Owner route?

To save money.  They want to avoid the agent’s commission.  And yes there is a commission.


But again, let’s consider this.  If you fall and break your arm, are you going to avoid the ER to save a few bucks?  No! Because you need your arm to heal properly! Why not use the same logic with a Realtor®.  Bring someone in with experience, access, and who will champion your goals!

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