Spring Home Maintenance

This cold is going to break at SOME POINT.  And when it does, SPRING WILL BE HERE!! With the change of the season comes the need for some basic home maintenance tasks.  You have put a lot of time, money, and love into your home and it is really important you ensure you take care of it.

Here is a great checklist of items to take care:


  • CHECK THE GUTTERS:  Look for gaps and repair those. But more importantly is making sure the gutters are cleaned and free of debris.  Doing this ensures that water goes where it is supposed to, away from the house.
  • ROOF EXAMINATION:  Don’t worry, no ladder necessary here.  Walk around the house, take some pictures with your phone and look for anything that looks odd of sorts.  This could be missing singles broken pipes, anything that looks wrong, call a roofer. Leaks are no fun.
  • LOOK AT THE WOOD:  The winter can be hard on your decks, porches, and fencing.  Look for loose rails and other weathering. Clean all the wood with specialized detergent and reseal.  This will extend the life and keep it looking great.
  • SIDING:  No matter the material, an annual cleaning with the pressure washer does wonders for the house.  It gets any grime off, and creates a nice shining gleam. If you don’t have a pressure washer, hop on Facebook and find someone who performs this service.  It is usually relatively inexpensive.
  • CAULKING:  This is one of those tasks that is so simple, yet people seem to be afraid of the caulk gun.  Check for any erosion around caulked surfaces, remove and redo.
  • PIPES AND WATER:  Inspect all irrigation systems and exterior faucets.  Look for freeze damage. Run and flush the system out.  If flow is not smooth, call a professional.
  • YARD WORK:  Clean up all those leaves, pine needles, and any debris.  Check for low lying areas and fill in with some compacted soil.  And start up your yard machines. You may not have to cut the grass today, but it really stinks when you go to and the mower won’t start.


  • WINDOWS:  Open the windows.  Check the screens and the tracks.  Clean out the sills that have piled up the dirt and dust.  This also is great time to let the house air out.
  • BASEMENT AND ATTIC:  Be sure to look around these less used spaces.  You stayed out of them during the cold months, but now you need to ensure there is not moisture anywhere.
  • SAFETY FIRST:  Test all the smoke detectors, replace batteries, and ensure fire extinguishers are at satisfactory.  
  • DRYERS:  Get out the vacuum and an extension hose, clean out all the nooks and crannies you can.  Get down the exhaust pipes and under the dryer itself.

Most of the tasks above can be done in a day.  Staying on top of this routine maintenance can save thousands and thousands of dollars if there is a need for any repair or even replacement.  One really important note here. If you do have to any thing you are not comfortable with, call a professional. YouTube has a lot of great videos, but that doesn’t make you plumber or electrician after a five minute tutorial.

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