Wings and Hoops, Where to Get Both?

Its March!  

  • Three of my favorite things happen in March:
  • The housing market picks up.
  • March Madness-NCAA Basketball Tournament

Another excuse to eat wings and watch sports. Okay so the last one isn’t isolated to March, I pretty much try and make that happen ALL THE TIME.  But March is certainly a good reason to gorch on saucy wings and a few cold ones while watching wild hoops action.   

While I do enjoy sitting on my couch and grilling on the back porch with the garage fridge not too far away; I also love where we live and the ability to hang out with friends at any of the great sports bar in RVA area and binging the NCAA tournament.  Here are our favorite spots in RVA to chow down on wings and watch hoops.

Buffalo Wild Wings/BDubs 

It really is hard to beat this franchise.  The restaurant and bar is covered with TVs, usually including several projector screens.  They offer over 20 sauce and dusting flavors for their wings, and a ton of other snack and entree options.  Classic american food and a large selection of drink options, including local craft brews. What is great about BDubs is that while you are watching the game, those maybe not quite into the games have other activities they can focus on. The game boards are awesome for the kids, and usually WiFi is available too.  BDubs often has great promotions, you can order online to-go, and there are several locations around RVA. Our go to is the ultimate nachos and a platter of wings.  Buffalo dry rub and spicy garlic, if you were wondering.

Glory Days

Another family favorite is Glory Days.  Glory Days has TVs covering all the walls with a few projections as well.  A cool bonus is that each table is equipped with a speaker to tune into the TV you want to hear.    There are about a dozen sauce selections, Glory is our go-to!  What is great about Glory Days is the menu is certainly extensive.  If you want true entrees such as ribs or salmon, they have it.  The Glory Burger is spot on. And to pay a little homage to a good friend of mine the cheese fries are great!  Each location may be a little different, but most have some arcade games setup for the kiddos too.   

Wood and Iron

Tons of craft beer options, excellent wings, and a little more upscale feel, Wood and Iron is certainly a cool spot off Huguenot in the Shoppes at Belgrade.  No shortage of TVs around the place, but certainly has a feel as if the games are secondary to the company and the food.  It does have a solid family feel, but also a fun spot to go with friends. Portions are huge, and there is a level of care given to each serving.  The menu is classic american style bar food with a little culinary flair. The wings are killer.  And it is a local spot, which is great to support local in the RVA Metro area.

Wing Command 

If you like the dive-feel or off-the-beaten path, Wing Command is your spot.  It is a local restaurant that has unique flair. You have your sports joint with a Filipino twist that shows up all over the menu.  Your wing flavors cover the gamut of traditional styles, but you also find a few fruit flavors like raspberry and strawberry.  Yes you read that correctly. And when you bring the crew, they do some of the math and packaging for you with their “crew packs.”  Pre-fabbed combos for two to twelve people. And don’t forget to try the Filipino section of the menu. Several dishes with seafood, rice noodles etc.   If you want to catch THE game and step outside your comfort zone head down Hull Street to Wing Command.  We’ve never been disappointed.   

There are ton of great spots in and around the city to hit up for wings and hoops.  That is one of the great benefits of living in RVA. Great communities with awesome dining and activities.

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