Lawn Care Tips

Whether preparing to sell your house or just checking off your Spring to Do List, one of the most important elements to consider is curb appeal.  Flower beds, shrubbery, the exterior of the home all require attention and care. The most well seen part of curb appeal is the lawn itself.  The lawn requires the most time and the most attention. If you stay on top of it, it isn’t that hard to keep green. BUT, if you fall behind, it can get ugly fast and then you are in some trouble.

SO, what can you do to keep that lawn lush and green.  Here are a few tips to stay on top of it.

  1. Get to know your lawn:  Inspect the Inspecting the yardgrass and what else may be growing.  While you don’t have to be a grass expert, it is important you know what type of grass you have.  Is it all-season?  Hot-summer thriving? This important so you can properly maintain. Check out Scotts guide to identify your grass for help.

  2. Weeds:  This is starting to sound like a Snoop Dogg article, weeds… grass…  Nevermind! Weeds can grow fast and takeover. Inspect the yard and remove.  As much fun as your kids have making wishes on dandelions, they are not good for the yard.  If it is out of control, you may want to invest in a herbicide treatment of some sort.


  3. Dethatching:  I had never heard of this until one of m best friends told me a few years back, but it can really change the yard.  Throughout the grass you will likely see matted dead grass and other organic material. This makes the grass growth sparse and can lead to open areas in the yard, inviting weeds.  Grab a thatch rake, or rent a thatching machine and run it through the yard. Don’t freak out right after when it looks terrible, it will bounce back, stronger!

  4. Aeration:  It is usually a good idea every fall to look into core aeration.  This when you run across your yard with a core aerator and pull plugs up allowing for the roots of the grass to revitalize and grow with greater depth and strength.

  5. Seed and feed:  Early spring and early fall are the best times to seed bare spots, or the entire yard for that matter.  In the fall, right after aeration is a good time. The key to seeding is to maintain watering. The seed is dried out and until it sprouts it needs to be fed with water. Speaking of feeding, the grass needs nutrients. Fertilizing at the right time and the right amount is important.  Here is a good guide to check out to determine what you may want to do.

  6. Mowing is critical. Photo by Daniel Watson on Unsplash

    CUT IT:  The one last important task is regular cutting of your grass.  Be sure your blade is not too high OR not too low. It is something you will need to do at least once a week by the time we get to the heart of spring.

Your grass can look great with basic care.  But there may be some times where you feel like it needs more.  If you feel like you are really struggling to get the green you want.  Call an expert. There are so many yard maintenance companies out there.  We use Virginia Green and they have taken awesome care of us over the years.

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